17 nos. of NGV Filling Stations Work Awarded to Robt Stone

Robt Stone is awarded with a major project by GASCO, for Construction of 17 nos. of NGV Filling Stations in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain & Sharjah. This project enables conversion of existing ADNOC Fuel Stations for distribution of CNG fuel for the vehicles.

There are total 17 stations involved, which are as follows.
Abu Dhabi:

  • – 1 no. of Mother Station – both for Vehicles and for Distribution by Trailers to Daughter Stations.
  • – 5 nos. of Online Stations.
  • – 4 nos. of Daughter Stations.

Al Ain:

  • – 2 nos. of Online Stations.


  • – 5 nos. of Online Stations.

Robt Stone scope involves all major disciplines such as Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Fire & Gas detection etc.
GASCO intends to expand NGV Station Network and more stations are expected to be Added.